How does Maximum Pro loss rule work?

For a $5,000 account, the initial daily drawdown is $250, and max drawdown $500. Once you achieve 10% profit, reaching an overall account balance of $5,500, the maximum drawdown becomes locked at $5,000. This ensures that your daily or overall losses never go below your initial starting balance and gives you much more flexibility for trading.

Please note you still need to follow SL obligation with a maximum allowable risk per trade of 3%.

If you exceed your locked account balance, your stop losses revert to the normal levels of 5% daily and 10% maximum. If you wish to utilize the pro max stop loss, you must once again achieve a 10% profit from your initial account balance.

The Pro Max Loss rule is applicable to traders who are trading with Hyrotrader real funds (traders who had their first 3 payouts).

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