How to start?

To embark on your journey with HyroTrader, simply follow these straightforward steps:

Apply for Our Program: Choose the plan that aligns with your trading objectives and complete the associated fees. The fees are fully refundable with the first profit split.

Start Trading: You will receive access to a ByBit demo trading account.

Complete the Challenge: Adhere to our trading rules and demonstrate your ability to consistently generate profitable trades.

Receive Your Trading Account: After first 3-5 payouts on demo account you will be provided with a trading ByBit sub-account funded with capital. Right from the start, we offer every trader the opportunity for a profit split ranging from 70% to 90%.

Your First Payout: When you decide to withdraw your funds, we promptly process your request.

You can secure your first profit share payment once you reach the 10% profit milestone. Subsequently, you can request payments after achieving each additional 5% profit increment. Traders operating on real ByBit accounts have the flexibility to withdraw their earnings whenever they choose, without any limitations.

Keep in mind that our program is specifically designed to empower traders like you and offer opportunities for financial growth. By following these steps, you can kickstart your trading career and potentially achieve your trading objectives.

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