When will I transition from the simulated demo account to the fully funded real account?

After successful completion of the evaluation phase, which includes a challenge and verification process, participants will be granted access to a simulated demo trading account. Following consistent performance, with a minimum requirement of three payouts equating to 10%, 5%, and 5% of the initial balance each, individuals will become eligible for a funded trading account with real capital. 

Phase 1 10%- verification 

Phase 2 5%- verification 

Phase 3 live demo 10%- payout 1. 

Phase 3 live demo 5%- payout 2. 

Phase 3 live demo 5%- payout 3. 

Phase 4 ByBit sub-account.

Transitioning to a real ByBit sub-account offers the advantage of having no limitations on payouts.

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