How can I become a Trader with HYROTRADER?

To become a Trader with HYROTRADER, you need to successfully complete our 2-step Evaluation Process, which consists of the following stages:


Step 1: The HYROTRADER Challenge During this phase, you will trade on a demo account for a unlimited period, adhering to our specified trading rules. You will have access to our exclusive HYROTRADER account solution, offering favorable account conditions such as low commissions and raw spreads. If you meet all the requirements and demonstrate proficiency, you will proceed to the second and final step of the evaluation.


Step 2: The Verification In the Verification stage, you will continue trading on a demo account to verify your performance and consistency. For a comprehensive understanding of the rules, please refer to the Trading Objectives site. Once you successfully pass this stage, your trading will undergo a review by our team. Upon approval, you will officially become an HYROTRADER Trader.


To complete the contract for your HYROTRADER Account, we will require you to provide a valid identification document (such as a passport, national ID card, or driver’s license) and complete the necessary identification process. The finalization of the contract is subject to the completion of identification procedures in accordance with HYROTRADER’s internal policies.


Please note that HYROTRADER Trading does not offer services to individuals listed on sanction lists, individuals with previous criminal records related to financial crime or terrorism, individuals under 18 years of age, company trusts, or individuals previously banned due to a breach of an HYROTRADER Account Agreement. In the event that any of the aforementioned reasons are discovered after the conclusion of an HYROTRADER Account Agreement, HYROTRADER reserves the right to terminate the contract.


It is important to note that HYROTRADER does not grant an HYROTRADER Account solely based on past track records. The Evaluation Process serves as a fair and thorough assessment of your trading skills and potential.

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