Scale your crypto trading account up to 1 Million USDT

Capital increments on the HyroTrader Account happen every four months. To qualify for a capital increase, traders need to achieve a minimum of 20% net profit over four consecutive monthly cycles. This means an average of at least 5% net profit per month. Additionally, traders must process at least 2 payouts within the 4- month period. Importantly, the trader’s account balance must remain above the initial account balance in profit when requesting a scale-up.

How it works?

4 months

You can request scaling of your accounts initial balance every 4 months


Increase your accounts initial balance by 25%

$1 Million

Max scaling is $ 1 000 000 or 10X initial balance Scaling

Scaling Requirements

20% or more You must achieve a total profit of 20% or more. 20% is an overall gross profit, that means you don't need to hold your profit to be liable for scaling.
Positive Balance To be eligible for an account upgrade, your account balance must be positive at the time of the upgrade, and at least two out of the four months should have concluded with a positive balance.


Once you have met requirements
you can send scaling request to