HYRO Token

Be part of our crypto trading community and ecosystem. The HYRO Token powers the HyroTrader – crypto prop trading platform, offering traders the opportunity to trade on funded accounts and earn rewards in a straightforward way.

Our token aims to make
trading more fun and rewarding for traders.

It easily fits into the trading process and follows the ERC20 token standard, which is well-known in the industry.
Governance rights Token holders will be able to vote on product features, token utility, and types of auctions and even decide which projects get to be featured by Hyro.
Staking Traders can stake tokens as collateral to access premium features, educational resources, and advanced trading tools. Staking also rewards traders for their commitment to learning and skill improvement.
Earning Mechanism Traders get tokens by completing trading challenges, hitting milestones, and showing their skills in strategies. This encourages them to stay engaged, learn more, and develop their trading abilities.
Cashback Mechanism Traders earn tokens by trading on the top platforms, rewarding the most active ones. They receive up to 30% cash back on trading fees as a reward from HyroTrader.

Governed by the crypto trading community.

At Hyro, our platform is governed by a community of crypto traders and professionals. By owning tokens, you get the opportunity to participate in the success of the project.

Web3 Crypto Prop Trading Firm

HyroTrader is a crypto prop trading firm. Traders have the opportunity to trade on the popular ByBit platform and can retain up to 90% of the profits generated in their HyroTrader account. Traders can engage in USDT Futures, USDC Contracts, spot trading, and options. These conditions establish HyroTrader as one of the leading crypto prop trading firms in the market. 

Our mission at HyroTrader is to develop the premier crypto prop trading platform in the market, incorporating web3 features. Traders will have the opportunity to earn $HYRO Tokens by completing trading challenges and tasks, receive cashback for trading, and compete against others in trading competitions across different platforms. Additionally, traders will have the ability to connect APIs and trading bots to automate their strategies, further enhancing their trading experience.


Be part of our community
of crypto traders.