Crypto Prop Trading Firm

HyroTrader is a crypto prop trading firm. Traders have the opportunity to trade on the popular ByBit platform and can retain up to 90% of the profits generated in their HyroTrader account. Traders can engage in USDT Futures, USDC Contracts, spot trading, and options. These conditions establish HyroTrader as one of the leading crypto prop trading firms in the HyroTrader as one of the leading crypto prop trading firms in the market.

What is crypto prop trading firm?

A crypto proprietary trading firm is a trading firm that offers crypto traders the opportunity to trade with a funded account. After completing a crypto trading challenge, traders have the opportunity to keep up to 90% of the trading profits. HyroTrader, a crypto proprietary trading firm, collects evaluation fees from unsuccessful traders and allocates these fees as capital to successful traders.

Why to join

Community of Top Crypto Funded Traders Join our exclusive community and refine your crypto trading skills within a world-class environment, where seasoned traders and coaches provide guidance and support.
The Highest Profit Split (70% - 90%) Unlock your potential with our crypto prop trading firm, offering funding opportunities up to 1 Million USDT and profit splits as high as 90%.
Zero Risk, Substantial Rewards Experience risk-free growth as we increase your funded account size based on your consistent performance, all without any liability for losses.
Lowest Trading Fees Maximize your profits while minimizing costs with our transparent pricing and low commissions, ensuring you get the most out of your trading activities.
Best Trading Platform Trade on the industry's leading crypto platform - ByBit, offering a seamless and efficient trading experience for our traders.

HyroTrader works with over
10 exchanges and trading platforms.

Built for Every Type of Crypto Trader


Execute rapid and precise trades with our unwavering support, leveraging your skills for maximum gains in short timeframes.

Day Traders

Harness our extensive resources and expertise to seize opportunities in daily market fluctuations, maximizing your trading day's potential.

Swing Traders

Master the art of swing trading with our cutting-edge tools and community insights, equipping you to ride the waves of crypto market volatility successfully.

Long-Term Traders

Unlock the potential of long-term investments in the crypto market, supported by our funding and risk-free growth opportunities.

Bot Trading

Optimize your bot trading strategies and profitability with our prop trading firm's dedicated support, giving your automated systems a competitive edge.

DeFi Trading:

With the trust you've earned through your extended partnership with us, your well-honed trading expertise is now ready to explore the boundless potential and financial innovation that DeFi has to offer.


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