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$1,750 Warren Peterson
$3,255 Vladimir Janata
$3,300 Tadeáš Homola
$3,287 Vasyl Zhurko
$877.71 Khaled Hamdan
$4,311.28 Pavel Hofmann
$3,570 Tran Van Long
$3,480 Pavel Hofmann
$350 Anastasia Ivvanova
$480 Khaled Hamdan
$740 Sophie Weber
$1,794 Matthew Trader
$7,120 Luka Tomić
$707 Allan Mitchell
$3,580 Oliver Benett
$360 Anastasia Ivvanova
$2,280 Tadeáš Homola
$2,721 Vasyl Zhurko
$1,721 Warren Peterson
$1,886 Vazi Trades
$1,011 Adam Crypto
$1,810 Vazi Trades
$899 Oliver Alden
$1,770 Pavel Hofmann
$744 Andreas Keller
$1,488 Vazi Trades
$3,380 Luka Tomić
$3,500 Kumar Trading
$1,754 Grinch Whale
$1,769 Trader John



April 15, 2024 8 mins read

Essential Skills for Aspiring Crypto Prop Traders

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading, the ability to navigate volatile markets with precision and agility is paramount. For aspiring crypto prop traders, the journey towards success is not merely about luck or intuition; it requires a...»

March 9, 2024 4 mins read

Revenue Model of Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm HyroTrader

At HyroTrader, our approach to funding capital is characterised by innovation and risk mitigation, setting us apart from conventional funding models. We prioritise the assessment and validation of traders over an extensive 6-month period before committing live capital to their accounts. This meticulous...»

3 mins read

HyroTrader: Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm Summary

Welcome to HyroTrader, a revolutionary web3 crypto proprietary trading platform designed to empower traders worldwide with seamless access to funded capital and live trading accounts directly on ByBit, transcending geographical and jurisdictional barriers. Our platform distinguishes itself by allowing traders to operate on...»

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