Revenue Model of Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm HyroTrader

Revenue Model of Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm

At HyroTrader, our approach to funding capital is characterised by innovation and risk mitigation, setting us apart from conventional funding models. We prioritise the assessment and validation of traders over an extensive 6-month period before committing live capital to their accounts. This meticulous evaluation process ensures that only the most skilled and consistent traders are granted access to live funds, safeguarding the interests of both traders and the platform. During this evaluation stage, once a trader successfully passes the second phase of our rigorous evaluation process, our advanced technology seamlessly enters into action. If the trader aligns with our criteria for copy trading, our system is automatically configured to replicate their trades in real-time. This automated process operates within predefined risk limits and thresholds, offering a level of risk control that is unparalleled in the industry. Our technology allows us to dynamically adjust or disregard trades if they breach our stringent risk limitations, such as exceeding a 1.5% risk in a trade or violating daily or maximum drawdown thresholds.

Revenue Model of Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm HyroTrader

This dual functionality during the extended review period serves two crucial purposes. Initially, it generates revenue from the successful trader, ensuring prompt payouts for any withdrawal requests they may have. Simultaneously, it contributes to the capital pool earmarked for deploying live funds once the trader successfully completes the extended review on the live simulated environment. Coupled with the diverse revenue streams mentioned earlier, this approach ensures that adequate capital is available to fund traders without exposing our platform to unnecessary risks. By relying on revenue generated from successful traders during the extended review, coupled with our unique sources of income, we create a financial buffer that exceeds the funding requirements for traders. This means that the funds at risk during the 6-month verification window do not directly impact our bottom line, contributing to a risk-free and sustainable model for both HyroTrader and our valued traders.

HyroTrader Revenue Streams

At HyroTrader, our distinctive revenue model extends beyond collecting evaluation fees; it thrives on a multifaceted approach designed to ensure sustainable growth and success. Having a revenue stream that is fueled only by unsuccessful evaluations and making an unfair environment for good traders, isn’t sustainable or good business, which is what truly sets us apart from traditional proprietary trading firms.

Profit Sharing with Successful Funded Traders

For the most skilled and successful traders who successfully navigate the entire evaluation process, we provide them with real capital. In return, HyroTrader receives a share of their profits, typically ranging from 10% to 30%. This model not only incentivizes traders to excel but also secures a steady and long-term revenue source for our company.


Commissions from our partnership with ByBit off of the live accounts are traders are trading on daily. We get a % back of the normal bybit trading fees that are incurred on the live accounts (not on evaluations, rather the live funded accounts). This has no impact to the trader as they are not on top of what ByBit charges normally if the trader was trading directly with ByBit.

Token Sales

From the OTC and direct token sales of the $HYRO utility asset including a share of market maker and taker fees.

Copy Trading/Investor Fees

Commission and fees earned via our partnered copy trading approach allowing investors to copy our top vetted traders and earn without having to trade themselves.

Repeated Evaluation Fees from Traders

At HyroTrader, we generate revenue through the collection of evaluation fees from traders seeking to acquire a funded account. The paid evaluation process is priced at up to $599 as a one-time cost for our $100K challenge. While this fee is refunded to users who successful pass it’s worth noting that traders often attempt evaluations multiple times throughout their career, presenting us with a recurring revenue stream.

Fees for Educational Courses

At HyroTrader, we are dedicated to educating and empowering traders. While many of our courses and educational materials are currently available for free, we are also offering extensive and in depth training and educational courses which users can opt into to learn from our team of experts and our top traders directly. Which also provides our top traders with additional revenue streams.

Affiliate marketing and strategic partnerships

Our affiliation with ByBit and other trading partners allows us to tap into revenue streams such as Affiliate Marketing and partnership earnings. This encompasses a spectrum of income sources, including commissions from live accounts, contest sponsorships, giveaways, and sweepstakes. Users keen on participating in these events can leverage the HyroToken, creating an additional revenue stream through token sales.

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