Crypto Prop Trading Firms

April 1, 2024 3 mins read

Essential Tips for Crypto Prop Traders

In the competitive realm of crypto prop trading, effective risk management is key to success. Given the rapid fluctuations in cryptocurrency markets, safeguarding your capital becomes even more critical. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the game, robust...»

March 9, 2024 4 mins read

Revenue Model of Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm HyroTrader

At HyroTrader, our approach to funding capital is characterised by innovation and risk mitigation, setting us apart from conventional funding models. We prioritise the assessment and validation of traders over an extensive 6-month period before committing live capital to their accounts. This meticulous...»

3 mins read

HyroTrader: Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm Summary

Welcome to HyroTrader, a revolutionary web3 crypto proprietary trading platform designed to empower traders worldwide with seamless access to funded capital and live trading accounts directly on ByBit, transcending geographical and jurisdictional barriers. Our platform distinguishes itself by allowing traders to operate on...»

5 mins read

FTMO for Crypto traders

Welcome to our comprehensive guide where we’ll delve into the world of proprietary trading firms, with a focus on FTMO and HyroTrader. Before we explore the specifics of these two platforms, let’s first understand what a prop trading firm is...»

5 mins read

Overview of Crypto Proprietary Trading Firms

What is a Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm? A crypto proprietary trading firm offers crypto traders the chance to trade with a funded account. After completing a crypto trading challenge, traders can retain up to 90% of the profits. To receive...»

December 30, 2023 3 mins read

Crypto Prop Trading Firm for Real Traders

Greetings to all fellow traders and crypto enthusiasts! This article aims to unveil the potential of leveraging crypto prop trading firms to amplify your trading profits in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Understanding Crypto Prop Trading Firms: Crypto prop trading...»

5 mins read

Best Crypto Prop Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms were more common in Forex trading than in the Crypto world. But as cryptocurrencies gained popularity, these crypto prop firms started becoming more and more popular in the crypto market. Now, there are a lot of choices...»

December 13, 2023 4 mins read

How do prop trading pyramid schemes work?

Hey Traders, this article’s for anyone thinking of getting a funded account from a prop trading firm. Here, you’ll learn how these firms work and form your own opinion. How prop trading firms work? Right now, there are about 40...»

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