Crypto Prop Trading: Spot and Futures Contracts

Crypto Trading

The world of cryptocurrency has opened up new chances for smart traders – crypto prop trading. This new way to trade lets you use the skills and resources of top prop trading firms. It’s a chance to boost your trading skills and make more money. You get to use a lot of money, get advice just for you, and use your trading plans, all while earning a share of the profits. This is what crypto prop trading is all about, and it’s changing the game for those wanting to make it big in digital assets.

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto prop trading offers traders access to substantial starting capital and reduced financial risk.
  • Leading prop trading firms typically offer profit splits ranging from 70/30 to 90/10%, favouring the trader.
  • Completing a trading challenge is the gateway to accessing a funded trading account with a prop firm.
  • Crypto prop trading firms provide traders with the opportunity to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies and derivatives.
  • Successful crypto prop traders leverage advanced tools, risk management strategies, and emotional resilience to achieve consistent profitability.

What is Crypto Prop Trading?

Crypto prop trading is a new way of prop trading. It lets traders use money from a prop firm to trade. Unlike regular crypto traders who use their own money, prop traders get funds from their firms. This method lowers the risk of losing personal money.

Definition and Overview

Crypto prop trading means trading with money from a prop firm, not your own. These firms give traders between $5,000 to $100,000 or more to trade cryptocurrencies and derivatives. In return, the firm takes a share of the profits. This setup is good for both the trader and the firm.

Benefits of Prop Trading with Cryptocurrencies

  • Reduced financial loss: Prop trading with cryptocurrencies means less risk of losing personal money. Traders use the firm’s money, not their own.
  • Enhanced educational opportunities: Prop firms offer training, mentorship, and resources. This helps traders get better at their craft and increases their success chances.
  • Exposure to a dynamic market environment: The crypto market is always changing. Prop trading lets traders take part in this fast-paced world and make the most of market changes.
  • Opportunity to scale: With the firm’s capital, traders can trade more and possibly earn more than with their own funds.

Crypto prop trading gives traders a chance to use needed capital, lower financial risk, and improve their skills in the fast-changing crypto market.

“Prop trading with cryptocurrencies allows traders to minimize the risk of personal financial loss, as they are trading with the firm’s capital rather than their own.”

Crypto Prop Trading: Spot and Futures Contracts

Crypto Prop Tading

Crypto Prop Trading Firms: An Introduction

Crypto prop trading firms have changed the game for traders. They let traders use big capital to make more money than on their own. To join, traders go through an evaluation phase, showing off their skills in a test setting. Then, they get to trade with the firm’s money.

How Crypto Prop Firms Work

These firms give traders up to $100,000 to start with. They must follow the firm’s rules to manage risks and keep up professional standards. Traders can earn a share of their profits, usually 70% with Hyro Trader scaling plan it can be increased up to  90%.

Evaluation and Funding Process

To get a funded account, traders must pass a trading challenge set to a total 15% gain in the two phases. This challenge checks their skills, risk management, and trading skills. After passing, they get to trade with the firm’s money in real markets.The funding increases as traders show they can make consistent profits and follow the firm’s rules.

Top Crypto Prop Trading Firms

In the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency trading, prop trading firms are becoming popular for traders looking for funded accounts and big returns. Two firms stand out: HyroTrader and FTMO. They offer great options for traders.


HyroTrader is a firm from Bratislava, Slovakia, started in 2023. It lets traders use funded accounts on Bybit for spot, futures, and options in the crypto market. Which is absolutely revolutionary approach in the prop trading industry. With up to $1,000,000 in balance and a 90% profit share, traders have a good chance to make the most of the crypto market’s ups and downs.


FTMO, in Prague, Czech Republic, has been around since 2015. However they trade cryptocurrencies also, they are mainly focused on the Forex and stocks.  They don’t have access to the Bybit exchange as the Hyro Trader. So although they have a strong reputation I don’t find them suitable for crypto traders.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crypto Prop Firm

Choosing a crypto prop trading firm is a big step. You need to look at several key factors to match your trading goals and risk level. These firms give traders access to more capital, which can lead to big profits. But, picking the right one is crucial for a good and safe trading experience.

First, check the crypto prop firm’s reputation and history. Find firms with a good track record, clear policies, and positive feedback from customers. The challenge of the evaluation process is also important. It shows how skilled you need to be to get a funded account.

  • Reputation and track record of the crypto prop firm
  • Difficulty and requirements of the evaluation process

Next, look at the trading options the firm offers. Good crypto prop firms give traders a wide range of cryptocurrencies and derivatives like futures and options. Look at the trading terms too, such as the profit share, the cost of the account, and the maximum balance allowed. This helps you find a firm that meets your financial goals.

Finally, the quality of customer support is key. Good support can help you overcome any issues or questions during trading.

By looking at these factors, traders can pick a crypto prop firm that fits their goals, and risk level, and aims for success in the crypto markets.

Trading Platforms and Instruments

For crypto prop trading, it’s key to use reliable trading platforms. Many prop firms give traders access to platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), cTrader, and  DXTrade. I don’t say these platforms are bad, but for overall comfort and effective Crypto trading, you need a TradingView environment in which you trade directly on Crypto exchange.

Cryptocurrencies and Derivatives Available

Crypto prop firms offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They also provide access to crypto derivatives, such as futures contracts. These derivatives let traders profit from market changes and can lead to bigger profits.

By trading a variety of cryptocurrencies and derivatives, traders can spread out their investments. This approach can help them make the most of market chances and increase their earnings.

Crypto Prop Trading: Spot and Futures Contracts

Crypto Prop Trading: Spot and Futures Contracts

Pros and Cons of Crypto Prop Trading

Crypto prop trading offers a unique chance for traders to make money from the cryptocurrency market’s ups and downs without using their cash. By working with a crypto prop trading firm, traders get access to trading accounts funded by the firm. They also get to use the firm’s resources to improve their trading skills.

One big plus of crypto prop trading is the lower risk of losing money. Prop firms give traders the capital to trade with. This lets new traders or those with little money test their skills without risking their own cash. It’s a great way for beginners to get real-world trading experience.

Also, crypto prop trading firms offer tools and support to help traders get better. They provide advanced software, market analysis, and strategies for managing risks. These resources are key for building a strong trading strategy.

  • Reduced personal financial risk
  • Access to educational resources and trading tools
  • Opportunity to trade with larger account sizes and leverage
  • Potential for higher profits through profit-sharing arrangements

But, crypto prop trading isn’t all good. A big issue is the limited choice of cryptocurrencies to trade. Most of the Prop firms usually stick to the most popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means traders might miss out on trading other cryptocurrencies. That’s why I recommend Hyro Trader as its only one prop firm trading directly on Bybit where you can use up to 500 crypto instruments on spot and futures markets.

“Crypto prop trading can be a powerful tool for traders looking to leverage the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, but it’s important to understand the risks and limitations involved.”

Personal account or prop firm account

As a crypto trader, you can choose to trade with your own money or use a prop firm account. With a personal account, you put in your own money and take all the risk. A prop firm account gives you money to start with and helps lower your financial risk. But, the firm takes a part of your earnings.

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of personal vs prop firm crypto accounts. A personal account lets you make your own trading choices and keeps all your profits. But, you must fund it yourself and could lose money.

Personal Crypto Trading Account

Prop Firm Crypto Account

  • You deposit and fund your trading capital
  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Independent in developing your trading strategies
  • Bear the full risk of potential losses
  • Potential for unlimited account growth
  • Prop firm provides the starting capital
  • The firm and trader share the profits generated
  • Access to educational resources and risk management tools
  • Losses are covered by the prop firm’s capital
  • Potential for larger profits due to more capital
  • Pressure to meet the prop firm’s performance targets

To get a funded crypto trading account, you usually have to pass a trading challenge or test set by the prop firm. Prop trading firms might ask you to pay fees or meet certain trading standards before giving you their money. This helps them check if you’re good at trading and managing risks before giving you their funds.

Choosing between a personal crypto account or a prop firm depends on your goals, how much risk you can take, and what you prefer. Think about what’s best for you and get advice from experts or financial advisors to make a choice that fits your goals.

The Rise of Crypto Prop Trading

Cryptocurrency trading has seen a big jump in the popularity of prop trading firms. These firms are changing the game for traders looking to make the most of the crypto market’s ups and downs. Hyro Trader is leading this change with its unique and clear approach.

Hyro Trader is the first to bring transparent perpetual futures liquidity to crypto prop trading. It offers trading spot,  options, futures and derivatives directly on Bybit. This has drawn many traders to focus on crypto trades, showing the growing interest in crypto prop trading.

Hyro Trader: Pioneering Transparent Crypto Prop Trading

Hyro Trader has changed the game with its innovative model. The firm is all about transparency, offering traders a new level of visibility and control. This has made Hyro Trader a top choice for crypto prop trading.

The growth of Hyro Trader and similar platforms is driven by several factors. These include the rise of crypto prop trading, easier access to global markets, and more institutional investment in crypto.

The transparent crypto prop trading model of Hyro Trader has brought in many users. It has also set a new standard for the industry. As the crypto markets grow, Hyro Traderand other firms will shape the future of this fast-changing financial world.

“Hyro Trader commitment to transparency and its comprehensive suite of trading features have made it a game-changer in the crypto prop trading industry.”

Crypto Prop Trading: Spot and Futures Contracts

Crypto Prop Trading: Spot and Futures Contracts

Crypto Prop Trading Communities and Resources

The crypto prop trading world thrives on active online communities. These groups offer traders key resources, insights, and a place to work together. They connect traders, share knowledge, and help each other through market challenges. By joining these forums, traders get access to advanced tools, strategies, and the latest trade news. This helps them manage their accounts, make trades, and keep up with crypto prop trading news.

One big plus of these communities is learning from experienced traders. They host webinars, workshops, and Q&A sessions with industry pros. Topics range from technical analysis to trading psychology and market trends. This knowledge helps both new and experienced traders improve and stay ahead.

These forums also let traders share their experiences and insights. By discussing and exchanging ideas, traders can see things from different angles, spot new opportunities, and solve problems. This teamwork creates a supportive space where traders learn from each other’s wins and losses. This helps everyone’s trading skills.

Many crypto prop trading firms also build their own communities. These give traders special access to tools, resources, and networking chances. They offer real-time market updates, personalized coaching, and chances to join trading challenges. Being part of these groups connects traders with peers, offers support, and gives them a market edge.

Crypto Prop Trading Community

Key Features

Dave Crypto Hunter
  • Real-time market updates and trading signals
  • Expert-led webinars and educational resources
  • Collaborative discussions on trading strategies
  • Opportunity to participate in trading challenges
Crypto Funded trader
  • Access to trading tools and analytical resources
  • Networking with a community of like-minded traders
  • Dedicated channels for trading discussions and support
  • Exclusive announcements and updates from the firm
Hyro Trader Discord
  • In-depth trading strategy sharing and critiques
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving support
  • Market analysis and trading news updates
  • Trader success stories and motivational content

Joining these crypto prop trading communities gives traders a competitive edge. They stay updated on trends and build a network of peers. Whether it’s through forums, Telegram groups, or firm platforms, these resources are key for achieving trading goals.

“The crypto prop trading community has been a game-changer for me. The wealth of knowledge, real-time insights, and supportive environment have been instrumental in refining my trading strategies and navigating the volatile crypto markets.”


The rise of crypto prop trading offers a great chance for traders to make the most of the fast-changing cryptocurrency market. With the help of crypto prop firms, traders can earn more and keep their own money safe.

The crypto prop trading scene is growing as more people start using cryptocurrencies. It’s becoming a key part of the financial world. Traders can now make more money and take part in the market more easily. To get started, you can pass a tr

What is crypto prop trading?

Crypto prop trading is when financial firms give money to skilled traders. They let these traders use their trading strategies and share in the profits. This way, traders get the money they need without risking their own funds.

What are the benefits of crypto prop trading?

The main benefits include less financial loss, learning opportunities, and a chance to make the most of the cryptocurrency market’s ups and downs.

How do crypto prop trading firms work?

These firms give traders money and help them make more profits. First, traders show they can trade well in a demo. If they do well, they get real money to trade with up to $100,000.

What are some top crypto prop trading firms?

Top firms include HyroTrader and FTMO. They offer trading in various crypto assets with different profit shares and balances.

What factors should I consider when choosing a crypto prop firm?

Look at the firm’s reputation, how hard it is to get in, the trading options, profit share, and support.

What trading platforms and cryptocurrencies do crypto prop firms offer?

They use platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, and TradingView. Traders can trade major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others.

What are the pros and cons of crypto prop trading?

The big plus is trading with someone else’s money, which lowers your risk. But, there are fewer cryptocurrencies to trade than on regular exchanges, and the firm takes a cut of your profits.

Should I trade with my funds or use a prop firm account?

You can choose to trade with your own money or use a prop firm’s account. Personal accounts mean you risk your own money, but prop accounts offer less risk and share profits with the firm.

How is the rise of crypto prop trading impacting the industry?

More people are into crypto prop trading, making firms like this popular. Hyro Trader is the first to offer crypto-specific trading, showing how big crypto trading has become.

How do crypto prop firms manage risk?

These firms set strict rules to keep trading safe and professional. This helps traders stay disciplined and trade responsibly.

How can I build a successful crypto prop trading strategy?

Use both technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis looks at past prices to find trades. Fundamental analysis looks at what affects crypto values.

What resources are available for crypto prop traders?

Traders join communities for support and insights. These communities offer tools, strategies, and news to help traders manage their accounts and stay updated.


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