Scale Your Crypto Prop Account to 1 Million USDT

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count.” – Winston Churchill

At HyroTrader, we think success in crypto trading isn’t about how much you start with. It’s about your determination and skills. That’s why we’ve made a special crypto scaling plan for talented traders like you.

Our two-step process, the HyroTrader Challenge and Verification, helps find and support top traders. If you pass, you can manage up to $1,000,000 in our HyroTrader Proprietary Trading program. Here, you can grow your trading account with our help.

Key Takeaways

  • HyroTrader is a revolutionary crypto proprietary firm dedicated to empowering exceptional traders
  • The comprehensive two-step evaluation process, HyroTrader Challenge and Verification, identifies top trading talent
  • Successful traders can remotely manage up to $1,000,000 in the HyroTrader Proprietary Trading program
  • Traders can actively grow their trading account through HyroTrader’s innovative scaling plan
  • HyroTrader’s mission is to discover and nurture the best crypto trading minds in the industry


HyroTrader is changing the game in cryptocurrency trading by being the first crypto proprietary firm. We aim to work with skilled crypto traders who have what it takes. We use a detailed two-step evaluation: the HyroTrader Challenge and the Verification process to find the best.

HYROTRADER’s Mission and Vision

Our goal at HyroTrader is to boost crypto traders’ success. We want to build a community of top traders who can make the most of the cryptocurrency market. We aim to be the top crypto prop firm that supports the next big names in cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto Traders

The Evaluation Process: Challenge and Verification

Our evaluation process is designed to spot and prove the skills of future crypto traders. It has two main steps:

  1. The HyroTrader Challenge: This part checks traders on risk management, strategy use, and market insight. Only the top performers move on.
  2. The Verification Process: Here, we deeply check a trader’s trading history, performance, and whether they meet our strict crypto trading platform rules. We only accept the most skilled and reliable traders.

This tough evaluation helps us find and support the best in the crypto prop firm world. It prepares them for success in the fast-paced cryptocurrency trading field.

Transitioning from Demo to Funded Real Account

At HyroTrader, we aim to help crypto traders grow by offering them the tools and support they need. We make it easy for them to move from a demo account to a real, funded account. This opens up a world of new opportunities for our traders.

Phases of the Transition Process

The journey to a funded crypto trading account with HyroTrader is well-planned to help our traders succeed. Let’s take a closer look at the steps in the transition process:

  1. Successful Evaluation: Traders who show consistent performance in our demo trading environment can move to a funded trading account.
  2. Minimum Payout Requirements: To get a funded account, traders must earn at least 10%, 5%, and 5% of the initial balance through three payouts.
  3. Funded ByBit Sub-Account: After meeting the requirements, traders get a fully funded ByBit sub-account. This lets them trade with real money.

Advantages of a Funded ByBit Sub-Account

Switching to a funded crypto trading platform sub-account with ByBit brings many benefits for our traders:

  • Unlimited Payouts: Our funded accounts don’t have limits on payouts. This lets traders make the most of their successful trades.
  • Increased Leverage: Traders can use up to 1:100 leverage. This gives them the freedom to execute their strategies without size limits.
  • Diverse Asset Support: HyroTrader supports over 500 cryptocurrencies for trading. This gives traders a wide range of options to explore and diversify their investments.

By moving from a demo to a funded ByBit sub-account, our traders unlock a world of opportunities. This empowers them to grow their crypto trading accounts significantly.

Scale your crypto Prop trading account up to 1 Million USDT

At HyroTrader, we help our traders grow their crypto trading accounts to a huge 1 Million USD. Our special Scaling Plan makes this growth easy and structured. It lets our traders take full advantage of the crypto market’s big potential.

HyroTrader’s Prop Scaling Plan

The HyroTrader Scaling Plan helps our traders increase their trading accounts over time. It adds more money every four months if the trader does well. To get more money, traders need to make at least 20% profit over four months and make two payouts in that time. They also need to keep their account balance higher than the starting amount.

Capital Increment Requirements

Our Scaling Plan is made for steady and safe growth. The extra money added is based on how well the trader does and how they manage risks. As traders do better and meet our rules, they can get bigger accounts. This way, they can reach the 1 Million USDT goal.

At HyroTrader, we know growing a crypto trading account takes great trading skills, good risk management, and support. Our plan gives our traders the tools, advice, and chances they need to reach their big goals in the fast-changing crypto world.

Crypto Funded Traders

“The HyroTrader Prop Scaling Plan has been a game-changer for me. It has allowed me to steadily grow my crypto trading account, unlocking new levels of financial freedom and professional success.”

– Alex Minimal, Successful HyroTrader Trader

The growth of the crypto prop firm and more people trading crypto make our Scaling Plan very appealing. By working with HyroTrader, traders can keep growing their accounts. They can aim for the big 1 Million USDT milestone and go beyond.

Inactivity Rules for Funded Accounts

At our crypto prop firm, we know how vital it is to trade regularly to keep your funded crypto account healthy and growing. That’s why we have set clear rules about inactivity. These rules help keep your account active and productive.

If you haven’t traded in the last 90 days, your account will be shut down. You’ll get an email reminder after 60 days of no trading. After 90 days without trading, you’ll get a message saying your account is disabled because you didn’t trade.

It’s important to trade regularly to keep your funded account in good shape. By following our crypto trading platform rules, you can avoid the crypto prop firm inactivity policy. This keeps your funded crypto account policy in place.

Remember, trading regularly is key to keeping your funded crypto account healthy and growing. By following our inactivity rules, you make sure your account stays active and productive. This lets you make the most of your trading potential.


HyroTrader’s crypto firm is a game-changer for top crypto traders. It helps them grow their accounts up to 1 Million USD. Our detailed review and Scaling Plan help traders reach their full potential. They learn how to handle big crypto sales safely.

We use exchanges, OTC trading, and secure marketplaces for this. This way, traders can cash out their crypto while following tax laws and keeping their accounts safe.

Our platform does more than just help you grow your crypto account. It’s a safe and regulated place for traders to do well. If you want to move from a demo to a real account or handle big crypto sales, HyroTrader is here for you. We keep up with crypto trends and rules to help our traders succeed.

Reach your trading goals with HyroTrader’s crypto prop firm benefits, HyroTrader scaling program, and easy solutions for liquidating large crypto amounts. Join us now and elevate your crypto trading.

What is HyroTrader?

HyroTrader is a cutting-edge crypto firm that finds and works with top crypto traders. We use a detailed two-step check – the HyroTrader Challenge and Verification – to spot and grow the best talent in crypto trading.

What is the HyroTrader evaluation process?

The HyroTrader evaluation process has two steps: the HyroTrader Challenge and Verification. These steps are tough to find and grow the best talent in crypto trading.

How do I transition from a demo account to a funded real account with HyroTrader?

After passing the evaluation, you get a demo trading account. If you perform well, you can get a funded trading account with real money. Moving to a real ByBit sub-account means you can earn as much as you want.

What happens if I become inactive on my HyroTrader funded account?

If you don’t trade for 90 days, your account will be shut down. You’ll get an email reminder after 60 days, and then another after 90 days, telling you your account is disabled.

Are there any restrictions on payouts from my HyroTrader funded account?

As a funded trader on a ByBit sub-account, you can take your money out anytime you want, without limits. You can ask for your payout right away if you make a profit. This rule only applies to traders on ByBit sub-accounts.

What are the advantages and limitations of using centralized exchanges for liquidating crypto?

Centralized exchanges are places where people buy and sell crypto. They offer fast trading, clear prices, and many payment options. But, they have limits like not being available everywhere and supporting only a few coins. Most users can handle amounts up to a few million dollars here. But, big traders might need to use many places to avoid affecting the market too much.

What role do OTC trading desks play in liquidating large crypto amounts?

OTC trading desks help with big crypto trades. They are for big traders and those with a lot of money who want to make large trades without affecting the market too much.

What are the benefits and risks of using peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces for liquidating crypto?

P2P marketplaces are good for selling a lot of crypto, especially where local exchanges are not available. They let you negotiate directly with buyers. But, there are risks like scams and fraud since you deal directly with others without a central platform’s protection.

How can I scale my crypto trading account up to 1 Million USD with HyroTrader?

HyroTrader has a special plan to help traders grow their accounts up to 1 Million USD. You get more money every four months if you make at least 20% profit over four months and make at least 2 payouts. Your balance must stay profitable when you ask for more money.

What are the tax implications of liquidating large crypto amounts?

Before selling a lot of crypto, know the tax rules. In places like the United States, you might have to pay taxes on the profit you make. Keep good records of all your trades to meet tax needs.

What security measures should I take when liquidating large crypto amounts?

Selling a lot of crypto can be risky, with scams and fraud possible. Use secure wallets, check if the trading place or person is real, and be careful when you sell before getting paid in cash.

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