HyroTrader: Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm Summary

Summary of the Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm

Welcome to HyroTrader, a revolutionary web3 crypto proprietary trading platform designed to empower traders worldwide with seamless access to funded capital and live trading accounts directly on ByBit, transcending geographical and jurisdictional barriers. Our platform distinguishes itself by allowing traders to operate on live funded accounts following a simple two-step evaluation process.

Two-phase evaluation process for crypto traders.

In Phase 1 of the evaluation, traders strive to achieve a 10% profit target while maintaining a maximum drawdown of 10% and a daily drawdown limit of 5%. Advancing to Phase 2, traders aim for a 5% profit target with identical drawdown parameters. Successful completion of both stages grants traders access to a live simulated environment, where profit splits are earned. However, live capital is introduced only after six months of consistent trading. Allowing the Hyro team to analyse risk management and trading performance of the traders before providing them with real capital on a live account. Once this milestone is reached, traders gain access to increased drawdown thresholds and enhanced profit splits, along with the ability to utilise as many sub accounts as they wish with the live capital to trade multiple positions of the same asset directly on ByBit.

The best crypto proprietary trading firm in the market.

Hyro takes pride in being the inaugural crypto prop firm crafted by traders for traders, providing crypto enthusiasts with the unprecedented opportunity to join a prop firm and access trading capital from $5K up to $1M+, coupled with lucrative profit splits of up to 90%. We are the only prop firm to offer traders the ability to trade directly on ByBit. Furthermore we are the only crypto prop firm allowing users to trade futures, options, and spot pairs across all ByBit assets, all while eliminating swap fees, commissions, and additional charges, aligning with the fair and transparent experience traders expect on centralised crypto exchanges. Empowering traders to set and manage leverage independently across various trading options without restrictions, HyroTrader ensures a user-friendly and familiar trading experience. To enhance the ecosystem further, we introduce the Hyro Token, adding an extra layer of value and engagement for our growing community and a way for users and investors alike to participate in the wider Hyro ecosystem

Crypto traders lack trading capital.

For many cryptocurrency traders, there’s a common obstacle: they don’t have enough money to trade effectively. This affects a large part of the crypto trading community. Cryptocurrency markets are known for their big price swings and chances for profits, but they often require a significant upfront investment. Unfortunately, many new traders simply don’t have enough money to get started. This isn’t a problem unique to a few people; it’s something many crypto enthusiasts face. As the digital asset world keeps growing, the need for a solution to this capital barrier becomes more obvious. Without access to the right amount of money, traders can’t reach their full potential and miss out on opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

HyroTrader, a crypto proprietary trading firm.

Introducing HyroTrader, a pioneering Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm exclusively designed for cryptocurrency traders. We provide a groundbreaking solution to the problem of low trading capital. To access a funded trading account, traders undertake a rigorous, paid evaluation process and must demonstrate their trading proficiency through a DEMO account. This demanding selection process is designed to ensure that only the most skilled and profitable traders, typically ranging from 1-3%, successfully secure funded accounts. At HyroTrader, we have created a platform where opportunity meets excellence, addressing the challenges faced by crypto traders and empowering them to unlock their full potential in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

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