The Genesis of a Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm

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HyroTrader embarked on its crypto proprietary trading journey in 2020, originally as a crypto trading platform named HyroTrade. However, we quickly identified a critical issue within the crypto trading industry, leading us to a pivotal decision to shift our business model. In 2023, we closed our trading platform to focus exclusively on crypto proprietary trading and providing capital to serious crypto traders. Our mission became clear – to assist traders in obtaining real trading capital and professional support.

Our past experiences with Crypto prop firms were negative, as we observed profitable traders being frequently banned solely due to their profitability. We are fully aware that most evaluation-based proprietary trading firms based their business on failing traders. Many prop firms operate on pyramid schemes and tend to fail traders over trivial reasons when facing higher payouts. This leads to losses caused by successful traders, prompting consistent efforts to remove them.

We believe the entire Crypto prop firm industry needs an upgrade – a prop firm genuinely funding traders with real money. At HyroTrader, we’re shifting to real sub- accounts with capital. Our goal is to find experienced traders for real accounts. Many traders are familiar directly trading on Bybit—they understand the expected elements like slippage, spreads, and fees. The great number of crypto pairs opens up numerous opportunities for traders. This is something our traders truly appreciate about us.

Our aim is to stand by our traders

It’s simple: a profitable trader means more profit for us. Our rules and payouts are designed to prioritize this goal, ensuring the safety of both our and our trader’s finances. We’re confident that our funded accounts, along with our established rules and tools, empower professional traders within the Crypto industry.

Our team

Our team is comprised of a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about cryptocurrency trading and development. Each member of our team is an expert in their respective field, mirroring the expertise of our Hyro Traders in the world of trading.


As our Hyro Traders continue to grow, so does the need for an expanding team to cater to their evolving trading requirements. Our commitment extends beyond trading itself; we are dedicated to providing comprehensive customer care, establishing an analytical trading environment with optimal conditions, and delivering top-notch educational resources. At the heart of our mission lies our unwavering passion for trading, which drives us to excel in all aspects of our work.

24/5 Customer Support

Our support team is here for you and responds quickly. Contact us on our social media or send us an email.

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