Evaluation of a Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm

HyroTrader’s evaluation consists of two trading phases with a total profit target of 15%. Complete our crypto trading challenge and verification, receive a crypto- funded trader certificate, earn your first profit split on a ByBit Demo account, and begin trading with real capital. Our evaluation process is challenging, but successfully completing it will reward you in the long term.

Step 1
HyroTrade Challenge
The HyroTrader Challenge serves as the initial phase of our Evaluation Process. Your success here is essential for progressing to the Verification stage.

Demonstrate your trading proficiency and discipline during our challenge, where we expect you to achieve a 10% increase in your initial balance, with no specific time limit.
Step 2
HyroTrade Verification
Verification is the final step in your journey to becoming a funded crypto trader. In this stage, we expect you to achieve a 5% increase in your initial balance. Upon successfully passing the Verification stage and verifying your results, you will have the opportunity to trade for our Crypto Prop Trading Firm.
Step 3
HyroTrade Funded Account
You are becoming a trader of the HyroTrade Proprietary Trading firm. Trade responsibly and consistently and receive 70% - 90% of your profits.


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