What is the legal relationship between a trader and HyroTrader during account management?

The trader’s relationship with HyroTrader is established through the Contract Agreement, which will be signed after successfully completing the HyroTrader Challenge and Verification. The HyroTrader Account Agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. 

How does the contract signing process work? The compliance checks typically take less than 1 business day for individual registrations and up to 3 business days for company registrations. Once all the information has been verified by our compliance team, it will be securely stored in our system.

There are two different identity options to choose from: 

Natural Person (In this case, you will need to undergo the KYC – Know Your Customer verification process) 

Legal Entity/Entrepreneur (In this case, you will need to undergo the KYB – Know Your Business verification process)

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