What are conditions for the Free $5,000 Funded Challenge Account?

  • Completion of Required Tasks: Participants must complete all required tasks to be eligible for the free funded challenge account. In the event of task reversals during the trading period, the user will not be eligible for payout.
  • One Account per User: Each user is limited to creating only one free funded challenge account.
  • Free $5,000 Challenge Account: Upon successful completion of all tasks, participants will receive a free $5,000 challenge account.
  • Profit Split: After passing the trading challenge, participants are eligible for a 50% profit split.
  • Validity of Challenge Account: The $5,000 challenge account is valid for one month after successfully completing the trading challenge.
  • Profit Target: To initiate the first withdrawal, participants need to achieve at least a 10% profit target.
  • Withdrawal Period: Participants have one month to withdraw their trading profits from the challenge account.
  • Continued Cooperation: HyroTrader may offer continued cooperation based on their satisfaction with the participant’s trading abilities and strategy.

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