Proprietary trading firms offering both real trading and simulated trading accounts.

These firms target talented retail traders worldwide, allowing them to leverage trading skills remotely without needing to be in an office. Tier 2 firms offer simulated trading to evaluate traders and review their track records. Importantly, they allow traders to operate with real liquidity. These firms collect evaluation fees from unsuccessful traders and use these fees to fund successful traders. Currently, HyroTrader is considered the sole tier 2 crypto prop trading firm. To join, traders must complete a trading challenge aimed at achieving a 15% profit target over two stages, with no time limit. Initially, the first few payouts are conducted on a demo account, but traders are eligible for a profit split ranging from 70 to 90%. After passing this test period, traders can trade with real liquidity on the ByBit platform. HyroTrader’s goal is to identify profitable traders, establish relationships, and offer professional support and guidance for scaling crypto trading accounts.

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