HyroTrader: The First Crypto Prop Firm Offering Funded Accounts for Crypto Traders

Are you a crypto trader looking for an opportunity to take your trading to the next level? Look no further than HyroTrader, our renowned crypto prop trading firm that is revolutionizing the industry. 

How does it work:

With our unique approach and commitment to supporting traders, HyroTrader offers funded accounts to crypto traders, making it an ideal choice for those seeking financial backing and opportunities for growth. In this article, we will explore how HyroTrader stands out as the first crypto prop firm, providing funding for crypto traders, and serving as a viable alternative to platforms like FTMO. Let’s dive in and discover the advantages of choosing HyroTrader as your crypto proprietary trading firm.


  1. Funding for Crypto Traders:


At HyroTrader, we understand that access to capital is vital for crypto traders to seize profitable opportunities in the market. As the first crypto prop firm, we offer a unique funding program that provides traders with the necessary capital to trade. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your journey, HyroTrader provides the financial support you need to pursue your trading ambitions. Through our funding program, qualified traders can receive up to $1 million in funding, empowering them to execute larger trades and potentially generate higher profits.


  1. FTMO Alternative for Real Crypto Traders:


While there are various platforms and programs catering to traders, HyroTrader stands out as a genuine alternative to FTMO. With our rigorous evaluation process and funding opportunities, we ensure that only dedicated and skilled traders are selected for our funded accounts. This distinguishes us from other options in the market and establishes HyroTrader as a trustworthy platform for real crypto traders.


  1. Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm:


HyroTrader operates as a crypto proprietary trading firm, which means that we use our own funds to back traders and provide them with a supportive trading environment. This model offers significant advantages, including access to higher leverage, reduced trading costs, and the ability to trade with a larger capital base. As a crypto proprietary trading firm, HyroTrader empowers traders to maximize their potential and achieve greater success in the crypto market.


  1. Crypto Funded Accounts:


One of the key features that sets HyroTrader apart is our provision of funded accounts. Once selected and qualified through our evaluation process, traders receive a funded account with HyroTrader. This means that traders can access a substantial trading capital provided by HyroTrader, allowing them to execute larger trades and potentially generate higher profits. With our funded accounts, traders can earn up to 70% of their profits, giving them a significant incentive to perform well and succeed.


  1. Funded Accounts on Binance and ByBit:


HyroTrader has established partnerships with leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and ByBit. This means that traders with funded accounts can trade directly on these platforms, leveraging their advanced trading features, liquidity, and wide range of trading pairs. Having access to funded accounts on Binance and ByBit ensures that traders can operate in a secure and reputable trading environment, enhancing their chances of success.




HyroTrader is truly a game-changer in the world of crypto trading. As the first crypto prop firm offering funded accounts to crypto traders, we provide a unique opportunity for ambitious traders to realize their full potential. With our funding program, HyroTrader serves as a reliable alternative to platforms like FTMO, offering a dedicated crypto proprietary trading environment that supports traders’ growth.

  • Take advantage of our funded accounts, trade on renowned platforms like Binance and ByBit, and unlock new possibilities in your crypto trading journey.
  • With the potential to earn up to 70% of their profits and access funding of up to $1 million, traders can elevate their trading careers to new heights.
  • Join HyroTrader today and propel your trading career forward. 

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