Crypto trading tournaments

Trade to earn extra money, challenge your fellow traders, become the best among your peers, and assess your trading skills against the competition.

Some Tournament 2

Start May 16, 2024
Finish Jul 12, 2024
Fee 100 usdt
Reward 10000 usdt

Name of the tournament

Start May 29, 2024
Finish Jul 31, 2024
Fee free
Reward 3000 usdt

How it works

Step 1 Register your DEMO account at trading platform.
Step 2 Trade cryptocurrency pairs on HyroTrade DEMO account.
Step 3 Stick with the competition trading terms and win real prices every month.

HyroTrader Competition

As soon as you've paid for our funded trading program, we'll set you up with a Live Trading Account. If you stick to the Trading Rules, we will increase your trading capital every three months.

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